Monday – why I do not hate Mondays!

Ok, so I sound strange. “Everybody hates Mondays, dude! What’s wrong with you?” 

Umm, does the word different explain anything to you? 

I am different, unique, special and guess what? There’s only one person on this planet with my DNA to prove it.

“We get it!, but, how can you be different and not be a Democrat?” (I was actually asked this question.)

“We Democrats are all free-thinkers, each special in his or her own way. We do not adhere to the fascistic commands of the orange-head in our WH!”

The only part of that comment I agree with is “special in his or her own way..” You got me there guys, but the remainder is about as logical as me trying on Speedos. It ain’t gonna work, no way, no how!

Therein lies my argument with the philosophy of the Democrat automatons. 

I love this definition of a “free-thinker” from the Urban Dictionary: 
“One who relies solely on themselves to make judgments based on their own perception of the world rather than blindly accepting what is told or implied by an outside influence, which is usually some kind of authoritarian figure.”

“Usually associated with non-conformists…Very few people in this world have realized that they have access to and the ability to perform independent thought. While everyone has the ability, only the freethinker uses it, because he knows what he wants.” (Chesterfield, 2016)

The Democrat leadership propagandizes this philosophy of having free-thinks lead the party, but it’s a lie. No political correctness allowed: it’s a flat outright lie. It’s as though the rank and file Democrats believe in one form of Democracy while their leadership believes in another.

Now, that said, what the hell does this have to do with my liking Mondays?

So glad you asked! 

On Monday mornings I pick up a case of fresh fruit at Sam’s to take to the Student Assistance office at my Alma mater, Meramec Community College in Kirkwood, MO. When I arrive at school I am always greeted by beautiful, young faces of youth who strive hard every day to succeed in college and get ahead but battling the problems of poverty.

I see blacks, white, Asian, Native Americans with various disabilities lining up to get to class on time to learn! There are young adults confined to wheelchairs due to conditions beyond their control who ask nothing more than a chance to learn and excel. Each and every one of these young people is marching to his or her own band; free-thinkers not chained to ideology, nor restricted by politics. 

For me, Mondays are my refueling days; the time when I recharge my batteries with the help of these energetic leaders of tomorrow.

Sunday Musings

Haven’t had either the motivation or the actual time to write much this week. Spent a lot of time working on my ideas for a new and unique type of children’s books. However, the need for money is always predominant.

My thoughts for today are this: 

What are we, the voters of the world, allowing our governments to do to us? Have all of our elected officials sold out to ultra-Socialist agendas? 

I cannot speak for any country other than my own, nor would I if I could. However, I can speak to what I see happening here in the US, and it scares me to the point of wanting to stay armed just to go to the grocery store. 

I know, that sounded a bit radical but it seems that we are being subjected to attacks on our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms every day of the week. 

For me, true freedom is the voice of the voter not of the candidate.  But we have entered a era when the voice of the voters can only be heard in the ballots cast. People are actually afraid of physical harm if they share their opinions in public. 

Debate, open and free of fear is the only true way to understand our differences; to accept one another as we truly are and to work out those differences in need of change. 

Name calling, false accusations and even physical threats are not debating, they are immature acts of bullies. Yes, I’m guilty of name calling at times, but I do my research first so that the accusation I may present is valid and verifiable. If I’m wrong, I expect to be corrected and I do apologize like an adult should. Unfortunately for us, our government representatives don’t seem to accept, let alone follow the same philosophy. 

Facts all Americans must remember:

  1. Our government was designed and mandated to serve the people; everyone receiving a government paycheck is an employee of every American.
  2.  Any questions, please see #1.

Progressive: Fact or Fiction

In this critical era of American history we hear a word batted around like a Ping-Pong ball at a Chinese tournament; it can be dizzying, it’s a game.

Have our American politicians become Ping-Pong players at our expense?

Before I get deeper into my comments, I want to make something perfectly clear: America is an imperfect country since the time of its conception. Career professional politicians have ruled over it since the first Congress was formed. I do not believe that was the intent of our forefathers, but it happened and it continues to this day. Dynasties in the  American government have been born and allowed to rule over us like liege lords of the past.

My questions are:

What pre-employment screening is required by our Constitution for those wishing to be members of our Federal Government either by election or appointment?

Do we require them to take an entrance exam for general knowledge and skills, a blood test for drugs, a psychological evaluation, a thorough FBI vetting for illegal activities and questionable associations, a financial assessment including tax records, or any other examination that might disclose qualification considerations?  

To the best of my knowledge the answer is NO.

Now, I don’t know about you but I feel that since any political candidate may eventually win a position of power over us in our government, should we have a right to know more about them before we grant them that power?

Have we, the American taxpayers not been too complacent in overseeing our elected employees in our Congress? I think we have; we have stepped back and allowed money and party affiliation to overcome facts and qualifications. We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by propaganda; negative attacks filled with false information and outright lies in defiance of our Constitution with impunity. 

When one party has so degenerated that its members feel justified in publicly promoting acts of harassment, obstruction, and denial of Free Speech to members of other political parties chaos ensues. The freedoms of all Americans are then challenged by bullying insurrectionists hellbent to create their idea of an ideal society. 

What we are seeing now may have been avoided had we had a better system of pre-evaluation in place before the candidate could become a candidate. 

Today, throughout America, young men and women are being challenged intellectually, psychologically, and legally for important positions such as Police Officers, Doctors, Fire Fighters, Nurses, military personnel, security jobs and so many more positions with less authority over America than members of our Congress. 

Why have we failed ourselves? 

What do you think?

I read a disturbing article this morning about American Law schools; those institutions of higher education designed to produce experts in the field of laws beneficial to the American people, or so they claim.

The article mentioned more than one, but just less than every one of these pinnacles of legal academia as having determined not to ask Justice Brett Kavanaugh to speak and or teach in their halls of “Free Speech.”

Would anyone care to know when they did this? 

Sure, I’ll tell you; glad you asked it.

They did it right after he presented his rightfully emotional argument to the Judiciary Committee of the United States Senate in defense of the way he was immorally, unethically, and potentially illegally challenged in what I considered to be a Kangaroo Court.

But, he beat them. He won. He became an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, and as hard as it was for him to do, he showed his children, and everyone else what it is like to be a real man. 

I’m happy the man, Brett Kavanaugh overcame the opposition. I hope and believe that Brett Kavanaugh, the Associate Justice will be true to his history of justice and fair play.

So what’s my problem?

Legal academia, these failures of once proud icons of American justice. The very core of the future of our legal system refused to grant Judge Kavanaugh his legal right to ‘DUE PROCESS.”

Rather than judging him on his years of honest and loyal service, his superior rulings and position papers, and stature in his community, they deemed him unfit to enter their halls because he was justifiably upset about the attacks on him and his family.

My questions are: .

Are our American Law schools teaching our laws or are they interpreting them to suit their needs?

Do the halls or legal academia in America ring loud of the equality of DUE PROCESS?

Is there now a class offered as Law 101: “How to defeat the American belief of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty?”

Are our law schools teaching American Law based on our Constitution or Socialist Dogma based on Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and other radicals? 

What was really lost in the Kavanaugh Hearings?

This morning, I watched an interview with with an American female Senator who was commenting on an article in the “Women’s March”, which is apparently some form of publication I’m not familiar with. This senator was obviously upset about the headline stating something to the effect that  Republicans has elected another “rapist” to the Supreme Court. An obviously very thinly veiled attack  on Justice Clarence  Thomas and soon to be Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

I’m going to shift direction here a little and tell you, no I’m not asking, I’m telling you to read and study the following from the WEX Dictionary of Law.: 
“The Constitution states only one command twice. The Fifth Amendment says to the federal government that no one shall be “deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.” The Fourteenth Amendment, ratified in 1868, uses the same eleven words, called the Due Process Clause, to describe a legal obligation of all states. These words have as their central promise an assurance that all levels of American government must operate within the law (“legality”) and provide fair procedures.”

Do you understand the principle of “due process?” 

Theoretically, the American legal system is based on the central principle of “presumption of innocence.”  

Black’s Law Dictionary defines it as:

“A system that is prevalent in the Commonwealth Nations where a defendant who enters trial is presumed to be innocent of the crime. However, this presumption only holds until the defendant is proven to be guilty of the crime during an investigation. The prosecutor assumes the responsibility of proving the defendant guilty in court. The defendant, however, has no obligation to prove his innocence unless in retaliation to an evidence presented in court.”

In other words, we are guaranteed the right to be innocent until there is substantial factual evidence to prove our guilt presented in a court of law.”

Now, have you figured out what was, and remains missing in the Judge Kavanaugh circus of clowns?

Throughout the hearings, there was the reference to this “not being a trial.” You heard this more often from the left than the right. Oh sure, they tried to pawn it off as a job interview, but I’ve been to many of those in my life and have never once been treated the way Judge Kavanaugh was. Yet, the left kept trying to cover their asses by saying that it was not a trial.

If it was not a trial, then why was Judge Kavanaugh subjected to hours of unprofessional cross-examination, presentation of witness testimony and evidence? Because the left knew that if it was proclaimed a trial, they would be in legal violation of due process; they wanted to remain in ethical violation.

From the very moment Justice Kennedy announced his retirement, the Democrats, at the command of Senator Schumer formulated a battle plan that was based on denying any candidate he did not approve of their right to due process under the laws of our Constitution.

Proclaiming to be acting on behalf of the American people, Senator Schumer and his lackeys (that’s all the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee were) set out to deny the American people their due course in electing a Justice to their Supreme Court. 

Do you see what was lost? 

Friday’s Question is a Lesson

I can’t help but wonder if there are others besides myself who think they see what is really going with all these demonstrations and protests against everything President Trump attempts to do for our country. I’m going, to begin with defining four words:
  1. Protester:  “a person who makes a public protest; synonym demonstrator.” (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary)
  2.  Bully:  “a person who habitually seeks to harm or intimidate those whom they perceive as vulnerable.” (Oxford English Dictionary
  3. Terrorist: “an advocate or practitioner of terrorism as a means of coercion.” (Miriam-Webster Dictionary)
  4. Coercion: “The intimidation of a victim to compel the individual to do some act against his or her will by the use of psychological pressure, physical force, or threats. The crime of intentionally and unlawfully restraining another’s freedom by threatening to commit a crime, accusing the victim of a crime, disclosing any secret that would seriously impair the victim’s reputation in the community, or by performing or refusing to perform an official action lawfully requested by the victim, or by causing an official to do so.
My question is this: When does protesting become terrorism? Here in America, we have the legal right under our Constitution to Freedom of speech and freedom to protest without fear of retribution; I’m all for that. However, in this era, we seem to have less real protesting and more real bullying capped off with organized domestic terrorism. In my opinion, protesting becomes unacceptable bullying when one side denies the other side their freedom of speech, and choice; rights guaranteed under our Constitution. As bad as these types of bullying are, they often do escalate to more severe types such as uncensored cyber attacks, gossip, negative allegations, and prejudical commentaries directed at both the person and family in an attempt to discredit.
It is when a protester crosses the line from mild verbal attacks on an opponent to coercion in the form of physically blocking movement, using bullhorns in very close proximity the victim’s head – specifically ears, screams at, throwing objects, feces and urine at, physically assaults, threats to family and home, or damages personal property that bullying becomes criminal intimidation. They are no longer protesters, they are criminals who must be arrested and charged for their crimes.
However, when they turn to coercion with threats of exposing their victim’s address and phone number, health and schools records, school,  and death threats, they’ve gone beyond criminals, they are terrorists.
Lest they feel left out, I will comment on those “protestors” who receive compensation for their efforts. For me, these people are no better than paid thugs, the Sturmabteilung (SA – Brownshirts) of Nazi Germany.
I have a question for these people: Do you know the fate of the SA when Hitler finally gained power? What about Stalin’s purge of his military officers after defeating the Nazi’s?
As vile as they are, these bullies and terrorists are merely puppets on a world stage; their value to their leadership is very transitory. Their lifespan, questionable and their cause is defeatable. However, in the interim, Americans need to stand up and fight back against the violence and terrorism spawned by our own politicians with their hate speeches, sponsorships of harassment and intimidation and above all, their abuse of the powers granted to them by Ameican voters. I personally feel that the actions and words of the alleged victim, her attorneys and the Democrat Senators on the Judicial Committee were a gross attempt at coercion of the truth. What I saw, and continue to see is an attempt at a soft coup de tat of our government by the left. Do you?  

Thursday’s Tears

Today, 10-04-18, will go down in history a day of true Democrat Infamy. It will be remembered for the attempts to continue to discredit an honorable man and is family while maniacally fighting for control of our country.

One very important item all dictators had, and still have, it the power of propaganda via control of information. While the Democrats in America have not gone so far as having conservative reporters arrested yet, YET. They are increasing their attempts to hide information from the “American people” they claim to so proudly serve.

The most recent, and blatant attempt to do this is Senator Feinberg’s attempt to conceal Dr. Ford’s original letter until the perfect moment to reveal it in an effort to stop the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh. (Personally, I think Dr. Ford was working in tandem with the Democrat Party to bring down any nominee.) But that’s not my point, my point is, the disgraceful manipulation of the American voters.

Senator Feinstein was required, by the rules of the Judicial Committee to disclose the original, unredacted (censored) letter from Dr. Ford to all members of Committee, but she chose to not serve the best interests of the American people by not doing so. She didn’t even tell the committee a letter existed until she thought the time perfect. 

Senator Feinstein vehemently denies either she, or any member of her staff leaked the letter, but someone did. While the leaking is a critical issue so is the possibility that she had a specific date she planned to present it to the committee, and someone outsmarted her. 

Now, even before the FBI report has been submitted to the Judiciary Committee, Senator Feinstein is attempting to have it sealed from the public. Again. it’s her way of serving the American people. 

My question is this: If we put the Democrat circus of the hearings aside, and we concentrate on the actions of the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Feinstein; can we find a pattern of deceit and information control? 

Is Senator Feinstein serving the American People, the Democrat Party or is she only serving herself?