Monday – why I do not hate Mondays!

Ok, so I sound strange. “Everybody hates Mondays, dude! What’s wrong with you?” 

Umm, does the word different explain anything to you? 

I am different, unique, special and guess what? There’s only one person on this planet with my DNA to prove it.

“We get it!, but, how can you be different and not be a Democrat?” (I was actually asked this question.)

“We Democrats are all free-thinkers, each special in his or her own way. We do not adhere to the fascistic commands of the orange-head in our WH!”

The only part of that comment I agree with is “special in his or her own way..” You got me there guys, but the remainder is about as logical as me trying on Speedos. It ain’t gonna work, no way, no how!

Therein lies my argument with the philosophy of the Democrat automatons. 

I love this definition of a “free-thinker” from the Urban Dictionary: 
“One who relies solely on themselves to make judgments based on their own perception of the world rather than blindly accepting what is told or implied by an outside influence, which is usually some kind of authoritarian figure.”

“Usually associated with non-conformists…Very few people in this world have realized that they have access to and the ability to perform independent thought. While everyone has the ability, only the freethinker uses it, because he knows what he wants.” (Chesterfield, 2016)

The Democrat leadership propagandizes this philosophy of having free-thinks lead the party, but it’s a lie. No political correctness allowed: it’s a flat outright lie. It’s as though the rank and file Democrats believe in one form of Democracy while their leadership believes in another.

Now, that said, what the hell does this have to do with my liking Mondays?

So glad you asked! 

On Monday mornings I pick up a case of fresh fruit at Sam’s to take to the Student Assistance office at my Alma mater, Meramec Community College in Kirkwood, MO. When I arrive at school I am always greeted by beautiful, young faces of youth who strive hard every day to succeed in college and get ahead but battling the problems of poverty.

I see blacks, white, Asian, Native Americans with various disabilities lining up to get to class on time to learn! There are young adults confined to wheelchairs due to conditions beyond their control who ask nothing more than a chance to learn and excel. Each and every one of these young people is marching to his or her own band; free-thinkers not chained to ideology, nor restricted by politics. 

For me, Mondays are my refueling days; the time when I recharge my batteries with the help of these energetic leaders of tomorrow.

Tuesday’s question

I got to thinking the other day about politicians around the world; we could probably populate a fairly large portion of Africa if we moved them all into one location. What can’t do with them, is fill a military cemetery or even a small cemetery dedicated to police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel killed in the line of duty.

We, humans, are an amazing species. We rant and rave about poor representation in our governments, but we do little about it. Oh sure, we campaign, vote and, hopefully, elect the right person for the job, but what we don’t do is thoroughly investigate (vet) our candidates before we get on their campaign wagons.

Now, here comes my problem with all this. Here in America, we are electing Senators, Congressmen/women, and presidents without any thorough vetting process, if we were, we would have known more about John McCain’s treason, Senator Feinstein’s Chinese spy drivers, Al Franken’s history of sexual abuse, Representative Cummings alleged sexual assaults on women, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s bias against President Trump and so many more.

Even when we do our normal vetting, and uncover factual evidence of wrongdoing, do we act? No! More often than not, these allegations are locked away in the vast catacomb of our Congressional buildings, hidden in Draconian vaults to await their resurrection when needed to destroy someone.

My question for the day is: Why, Why do we allow our employees in our Congress in our Capital, get away with crimes that would destroy the average American taxpayer if reported, It makes no sense.

These are the people who make life-changing decisions for all Americans every day of the week, yet there doesn’t appear to be any form of standards or rules they are required to follow; if there are some, they don’t appear to be enforced.

They legislate our lives, yet we have very little recourse for stopping them.

They legislate what law enforcement officers can and cannot do, yet none appear to have been one, nor died while wearing the badge

They legislate what our military can or cannot do, but I can find no records of any one of them having been killed in combat.

Some even disregard common morals and ethics to attain their political goals. Their punishment appears to be automatic immunity.

Who then, must bear the burden of fault for these crimes and more?

You do, I do, all voters do because we do not care enough to say ENOUGH!

We do not demand that existing rules pertaining to the operations of our Congress are strictly followed and infringements suitably punished. Neither do we demand existing rules be updated or replaced by new ones more applicable to our time.

Today, we, the voters who elected them must stand firm and punish the children we elected to represent us. It is long past time to make them grow up and take their jobs seriously before we run out of cemeteries for the real heroes of America.

The mandate of the American people must be:

No one is above the law! If you do the crime, you will do the time!”

Please do not vote the party line tickets. Please elect only the people who will help rebuild America and defend her against the onslaught from foreign and domestic interference.

Demand accountability and a clear path to remove those who refuse to give it.




Sunday – a day of musings for me.

So many Sundays have gone before, I often wonder, how many more?

For me as for many others my age, getting older can be a challenge. It seems that a large number of us have bodies that age much faster than our ability to think, act and accomplish. Surprised? I am!

As an entity, I will be 75 next month. I escaped the confines of my mother’s womb on July 11, 1944. Yes, I know, the math doesn’t work but know this, I believe that once the sperm enters the egg and fertilization takes place, a human is generated and begins the nine-month process of preparing to challenges entry into the outside world. I’m not a novel person in my beliefs, it’s a common one in Asia and in many Native American cultures.

So why is this important today?

I think it has to do with the nomination of a new Associate Supreme Court Justice. Yeah, I know, it’s getting tiring, but it is an important issue because of the absolutely unfair philosophy of the Democrat and Liberal thinkers in our country who have convinced themselves that once a new Conservative justice gets on the bench, Roe v Wade will be overturned. In other words, the Left thinks a Conservative majority on the Supreme Court of the United States of America will automatically act like the Left does; attack and destroy what doesn’t fit their agenda?

As for my opinion of Roe v Wade, it is a lovely idea but if I am not capable of judging an issue on the merits of the facts, then I have to right to vote for or against it. That, to me is what I call justice and fair-play. The Left appears not to be in favor of that concept.

So what then, is my opinion on Roe v Wade; which, in my mind is a generic term for abortion on demand?

I’ll begin by saying, there are exceptions, both legal and psychological, for some abortions. I understand and have applied that to my thinking and position on the subject as medically necessary

My position is, I associate abortion on demand with punishing an innocent for the actions of the careless and negligent.

For me, the passage of Roe v Wade gave carte blanche permission to establish the infanticide factories of Planned Parenthood which became wholesale human parts warehouse dealerships.

My question today is, how is it justifiable to expend money and efforts trying to stop the execution of convicted murders; people who have been proven to have killed mercilessly then turn around and defend the unchallenged, merciless murder of innocent babies?

It does not equate in my mind, nor with my spirit.


The answer to today’s question is

SOAP No, I haven’t lost my mind; I did that years ago This morning, as I do once a week, I took a case of bananas to the Student Assistance Program office (SAP) at my alma mater, Meramec Community College, Kirkwood, MO. As I brought them in I could see into the little cafe area where students on limited incomes can get a meal. There, right before me was one of the prettiest sights I’ve seen in a very long time. Twin girls, first-year students turned around from their breakfast, looked me squarely in the face showed smiles that could have blinded the sun. The next thing I know, I’m being hugged and thanked profusely. I can’t deny, the hugging part was awesome, the thank yous overwhelming but the smiles, Oh My God, the smiles almost brought me to tears, and that is not an easy thing for me.  Beautiful, bright young glowing faces filled with the joy of renewal, and hope for the future, because of a soap. Before you can say it, no, these beautiful young ladies were not dirty, they have Acne which is defined as “the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin; in particular, a condition characterized by red pimples on the face, prevalent chiefly among teenagers.” It’s a terrible affliction that can destroy a teen’s self-esteem and social life, both of which may already be challenged by often cruel peers in high school. For many victims of Acne, this period of their life can be very lonely and traumatic, at times to the point of depression. Perhaps minimal dating, if any; no invitations to the proms and maybe, not even that first kiss. “Is it something I did, something I said? Why am I cursed so? Will I ever know love?” It is a senseless, evil guilt experienced by young adults in psychological pain with few options. Rich or poor, Acne is hell to deal with, and even worse to live with. For those families with good health insurance or independent means, there is the option of being treated by a qualified Dermatologist. For those less fortunate, such as the kids who come into the SAP office there has, until now, been no viable Acne treatment for them. However, years ago, one of my kids started having Acne, for which we sought help from our doctor, but my insurance coverage at the time was worthless. Fortunately, a friend who was into traditional natural medicines suggested we try having him wash his face with Lavender and Glycerin soap; which is cheaper than a Dermatologist but still not inexpensive because it was not readily available in local stores. But we took her advice, ordered the lavender and glycerin soap, and my boy started using it immediately – washing his face twice a day. Within a couple of days, started to work; We saw improvement within 48 hours. Then, while at our local Wal-Mart my boy noticed a bar of soap called Dial “Power Berries” (couldn’t miss the red packaging) that has glycerin in it. As it is far cheaper than the glycerin and lavender soap he was using, we decided to try it; we did, it did, and his Acne disappeared. OK, you guessed it, when I met the twins at school, their Acne was rampant. I approached them and bluntly told about my boy and the Dial soap. Can you imagine the look on the face of these girls when confronted by an old fart like me, telling them I think I can help? I’m surprised they didn’t call security.  But, I persevered, and I bet them two costly dinners to two hugs that Dial Power Berries would work for them. They took me up on the bet three weeks ago, and today, I got hugs from two beautiful young ladies with clearer skin, rapidly receding Acne and the most beautiful smiles you can imagine, all because of soap – Dial Power Berries soap with Glycerin and Anti-oxidants. Can you imagine how warm and fuzzy I feel inside now? Soap

My Trek thru Time – Intro

I haven’t published a personal post for quite a while; to my loyal followers, I apologize. I was in an accident March 09 of this year where I came close to being paralyzed from a neck injury; fortunately, I wasn’t. While recuperating, some friends and a relative or two urged me to start writing my memoirs; it gave me pause to reconsider some things about myself and my outlook on life.

`           My life has not been easy, nor has it been ordinary; what it has been was one emotional struggle after another each a lesson unto itself. Since coming into this arena we call earth, I’ve been forced to attend challenging classes not found in any school curriculum. I’ve learned hard lessons that might have destroyed a weaker man; I won, I overcame adversity to finally, for once in my life stand tall, proud of who I am.

I would like to share some of the insight I’ve gained.

With your permission, I will begin this by stating that I will never again apologize to any member of my family for my past or present actions. I do not emphasize that to be mean-spirited or arrogant; I do it to forewarn any who may read my words.

If I were to apologize, it would be to myself for not getting the help I needed when I could afford it. Therefore, my introduction intends to be an opening of a massive door into my being, into my very inner pains and terror to release what was and allow what is to enter. It is my challenge to the shadows that once brought only loneliness and anxiety to an outcast, punished for not meeting the expectations of those who should have loved.

I will speak of the unseen tears shed over many years; the cries in the night unanswered, a family always out of reach. The trauma that permanently destroyed a lonely child leaving him to struggle as an adult.

If I were better educated and more intelligent, I think I might find worthier terminology for what I feel, and it’s causation, but I’m not so I’ll take a SWAG (scientific wild-ass guess) and call it: Abandoned Child Syndrome [1] – Parental Alienation Syndrome [2]

I will share my life story in the hope of maybe, one day being able to cry again; to shed the tears suppressed even now.

Papa Nyk

[1]              Overview on Abandoned Child Syndrome – Its Causes and Symptoms, Threads of Feeling (2018), (last visited Sep 16, 2018).

[2]              Linda Turner, Abandoned child syndrome Parental Alienation Pas (2018), (last visited Sep 16, 2018).

Voices long silent speak only truth.

Last night, in my dreams

A shadow did appear.

Pure ebony spirit

No reason did I fear.

His voice familiar,

His manner serene.

He spoke with love’s passion,

His peace I did glean.

“We stand with you.” said he.

“There shall come a renewal.”

“Forgotten lessons of our past.”

“Once taught in life’s school.”

“See not with your eyes,

those deceptions vast.

But know with your heart,

Love shall recast.

Hate not another,

For color of skin.

But remember always,

Mitakuye Oyasin